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Logistic efficiency and effective supply chain management gives you a competitive advantage by delivering both cost reduction and service enhancement. This book is the unbeatable bestselling guide on how to get it right.

90 câu hỏi ôn tập nghiệp vụ ngoại thương mới nhất

Quy định nhập khẩu máy móc, thiết bị, dây chuyền công nghệ đã qua sử dụng

The Dictionary of Transport and Logistics

English for logistics by Oxford

SECOND EDITION Maritime Logistics A guide to contemporary shipping and port management Dong-Wook Song Edinburgh Napier University, Photis M Panayides Cyprus University of Technology

Edition: 1st edition, August 2015 Publisher: epubli GmbH, Berlin, www.epubli.de Publisher: Thorsten Blecker, Wolfgang Kersten and Christian M. Ringle

Edited by John Fernie & Leigh Sparks Fourth edition published in 2014

Categories: Jurisprudence & Law - Business, Commercial & Financial Law Year: 2020 Edition: 1st ed. Publisher: Springer Singapore;Springer Language: English Pages: 342

Year: 2022 Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Language: English Pages: 182

Don't view this as a competition with e-commerce behemoths, but as another sales channel in your omnichannel strategy. Treat it as such and develop your strategy to provide differentiation on customer service and trust to be able to drive direct sales, while still leveraging other channels to build brand awareness.

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